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Alive Eli by Alysaya

I can't say whether you have gotten better at humans or not, haven't looked at enough of your gallery to judge that, sorry! However I can try and be helpful here!

Lets start with the face and hair. I like the little curls sticking out, and I know how hard it can me to shade hair. I'm not very good at it, but you did I fairly okay job! I would suggest trying to use brighter colors for highlights and darker ones for shading though. It's a little too light to notice any great details, the way you have it now.

It may be a regular thing in the style you are using, but I would not suggest drawing eyes over hair. It's never a good idea. If you're like me and don't give enough space to put everything on heads, try drawing a circle that feels slightly "too big." It feels weird, but works for me. That way I can fit the hair AND the eyes without too much trouble.

The face- I'm sorry to say- is shaped a little blandly. It's a very stock shape, to have a simple rounded face with a pointy chin. Sometimes watching anime, I notice that they will tend to make all the face shapes exactly alike. Not all, but some. I would suggest trying to give your faces more form. It can be tough, but with practice you'll get it!

The anatomy seems pretty okay, but I feel like something is off about the right leg there. You're trying to use perspective, and I feel it worked, but at the same time it looks a little strange, even for what you're trying to accomplish. I can't put my finger on it, I'm sorry. I can only say that lots of figure drawing might be able to help you out.

You did a pretty good job with the clothing, but the jacket could use a bit of work! Look at some pictures of jackets and hoodies, how they're done and different kinds of them. How they would fit on the body, and how folds may look depending on the characters position.

The shading looks very air-brush like. Instead, try to make the shading contrast more sharp. Use a brush that isn't smooth, for example. Then, determine where your light source is coming from, and add shadows from there.

Summary; the anatomy is good, but could use a little work. the same for your clothing and manner of drawing faces and hair. The contrast could use work, but can easily be fixed with some experimenting with different brushes.

Good luck!
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Alysaya Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2013  Student General Artist
Ah! I can't believe I got an actual good critique for once!

I only started drawing humans a few months ago, and back then, stick drawings looked better.

As for the head shape, it was very different in the original sketch. I make different face shapes for different people, but the hair made it seem just like a circle.

The eyes over hair... I rarely ever do that. I only did this since it started out as a sketch of a ghost and I just used opacity to change the lines to black.

I know how to shade very well... I just wasn't concerned for this particular piece in the least. I was tempted to leave it flat colored but I feel as if shading is needed in every piece.

Overall though, your critique is very helpful and I'm glad to have someone actually give me a critique.
Lately, children think a critique is 'You did so good! There's no way to improve because you're so amazing.' (In fact, that's practically what my Art 1 teacher said was a critique. It was quite sad.)

This was very much appreciated and I wish you well~
PatchLamb Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2013  Student General Artist
I understand about the humans. I been doing figure drawing with this nice online tool I found for it (I intend to get a small notebook that I can carry around to do life drawings sometime) but I don't show much on here. I've gotten better though, so yay.

I'm glad I was able to help! I've been told I can be too blunt, so I tried to not make it sound mean or anything. Critiques can be hard to come by, so I'm happy I could make one useful to somebody.

You too! c:
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